Nature & Culture

The power of nature – the water.

In the water is the origin – especially in the thermal water. As beneficial and healing the effect of thermal water is described. It is not only a feeling, what comes up in you, but it is also scientifically grounded and therefore no secret: thermal water is good for you and is capitalized in Geinberg5. The whirlpool on your private terrace at the natural swimming pond is filled with thermal water. A plus for every guest. There are many reports of the healing powers, but we recommend that you try them out and feel the effects on your own skin. Scientifically proven: The thermal spring in Geinberg is recognized as a sodium bicarbonate-chloride-mineral-sulfur source as medicinal water and listed in the list of Austrian spa resources as so-called sulfur-curative water, resulting in the effects or indications for use. The sulfur component of the water is absorbed by the skin and the respiratory air through the bronchi, from there into the entire organism and unfolds its healing properties. This improves the circulation of the skin and muscles, and the warm, warm water harmonises the body, mind and soul. Applications of our thermal water: Diseases of the rheumatic and musculoskeletal system (arthrosis, muscular rheumatism, neuralgia, postoperative and after accidents etc.) Dermatological indications such as acne, chronic eczema (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis) and allergic skin diseases Diabetes, hypertension and gout (lowering blood sugar levels, blood pressure and uric acid in the blood)

Our recommendation: The soothing effect of thermal water unfolds especially in rest and relaxation. Please note that the high temperature of the water can increase the stress on the circuit. Our doctor recommends an average stay in the water of 30 minutes in adults, in children 15 minutes.

Physical values Artesian water outlet:

241 / sec = 2,073 m³ / day Source temperature: 100.6 ° Celsius pH value: 7.15 Density: 0.999 g / ml Redox voltage: + 22 mV Depth: 2,100 m Electrical conductivity: 1.34 mS / cm (at 25 ° C) Electric conductivity: 1.207 mS / cm (at 20 ° C Chemical analysis data Sodium: 91.94% (cations) Hydrogen carbonate: 63.20% (anions) Chloride: 33.32% (anions) m – silica: 87.4 mg / l o – boric acid: 9.8 mg / l dissolved carbon dioxide: 65.0 mg / l dissolved hydrogen sulfide: 1.9 mg / l divalent sulfur: 4.5 mg / l Trace substances: iron, barium, nitrate, nitrite, …

The power of nature – the forest.

The way back to nature – the forest as a gas station. An excursion to the Geinberg Forest offers relaxation and tranquility all around. In addition to the Private SPA Villas you will find a beautiful and extensive forest that can calm you in stressful times. “The forests are silent. But they are not dumb. And whoever comes, they comfort everyone “. (Erich Kaestner) A walk through the forest frees you from tension and restlessness. It strengthens the immune system and it has been proven that staying in nature strengthens your body from the inside out. Quickly you will feel the magic and the energy of the forest and recognize the positive feelings that trigger in you. Scientific proof: With a visit to the forest, the number of important killer cells increases by about 40% in the blood. They are part of the non-specific immune defense. They recognize altered, for example, by pathogens, bacteria or viruses infested cells or cancer cells and kill them. Professor Qing Li – who teaches at Nippon Medical School – recommends that we consciously use the healing power of the forest:

1) You should stay in the forest for at least 2 hours, covering a distance of about 2.5 km. If you have 4 hours, you go about 4 km.

2) You should not make an effort and take a break when you get tired.

3) You should look for a place that is comfortable and where you feel comfortable and stay there for a while. Read, meditate or just relax.

4) If you want to keep the number and activity of the killer cells, as well as the anti-cancer proteins permanently high, you should spend each month 2-3 days in the forest or in a very wooded area. 4 hours a day you should then be right in the forest. Geinberg5 is located on a hill in the middle of the Innviertel. The forest is right next door. Treat yourself to a short excursion into the wonderful forests. Relax on a tree stump or do yoga exercises. Here everything is allowed, which is good for your well-being.