Running & Nordic Walking

The Innviertel outdoor exercise arena

A number of running routes forge their way across the Innviertel region. The natural landscape in the heart of Upper Austria with its gentle rolling hills and mesmerising views attracts runners, hikers and Nordic walkers alike. The Innviertel ticks all boxes for professional and amateur athletes with clearly signposted paths and Nordic walking routes.

There are five trails open to all nature lovers, walkers and runners: the Thermal Run (Thermenlauf, 10 km), Raiffeisen Circuit (Raiffeisen Runde, 1.4 km), Slim Line Circuit (Schlanke Linie Runde, 6.4 km), Innviertel Circuit (Innviertel Runde, 3.2 km) and Warehouse Circuit (Lagerhaus-Runde, 9.55 km).