Environmental conservation

For a cleaner environment

Pure nature. At the Therme Geinberg SPA resort, we really care about our guests’ well-being. And the environment. Our entire resort’s heat supply comes from geothermal energy recovery, meaning we have a fully self-sufficient energy supply.
At Geinberg5, we drive our guests around our thermal spa in innovative Mercedes electric cars. We also use electric cars for many of our internal transportation needs. The whirlpool water supply comes from our own hot springs. And the freshwater swimming pools replenish themselves.
In January 2017, Geinberg5 Private SPA Villas launched a new service: charging your Tesla is now just as simple as doing it at home with our Tesla Destination Charging site. Arrive at our resort and plug in – your vehicle will charge at the Tesla Wall Connector while you spend the night in your suite, relax in the SPA or simply dine in our AQARIUM gourmet restaurant.