Magical natural spaces

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The Geinberg5 Private Spa Villas are surrounded by magical natural spaces.

Innviertel round-trip tour

This one-day tour begins in Geinberg, taking cyclists along the R3 River Inn cycle path to Obernberg am Inn. We advise you to take binoculars – the views are truly worth it! Saddle up, peddle away – and take in the immense variety of countryside, broad array of cycle routes, multiple physical challenges and wonderful views afforded by the Innviertel region.
Length: 66 km

Golfclub Bad Füssing

An 18-hole physically challenging golf course: the completely flat and easily accessible golf course offers plenty of tough challenges for golfers of all abilities. The course is in excellent condition in summer.
Distance to resort: 20km

Innviertel Runde

Golfclub Maria Theresia

Golfclub Maria Theresia in Haag am Hausruck is the perfect place to spend time with friends. It is the first club in Upper Austria to offer electric buggies with GPS touchscreens. Tapping on the display shows golfers their required distance. As a Geinberg⁵ guest, you will receive a 30% green fee discount!
Distance to resort: 35 km

Golfclub Sonnberg

Golf at its finest surrounded by one of the largest wooded areas in Austria. Forests, gentle rolling hills and a great view of the Bavarian Alpine Foreland await players on a round of golf. Golf at Golfclub Sonnberg is all about being sociable and having fun. As a Geinberg⁵ guest, you will receive a 30% green fee discount!
Distance to resort: 18 km

Celtic Golf Course Schärding

A driving range with covered teeing grounds, an 18-hole championship course and a 6-hole academy course. The academy course is the perfect place to practice your short game. As a Geinberg⁵ guest, you will receive a 20% green fee discount!
Distance to resort: 29 km

Bad Griesbach

Europe’s largest golf resort has six 18-hole championship courses, three 9-hole courses, one 6-hole children’s golf course and the Golfodrom® golf school.
Distance to resort: 35 km

Golfclub Passau

A golf club overlooking Passau: extensive work went into creating this 9-hole golf course, which is the highest situated and most interesting in the entire region. Pure relaxation and recuperation in the countryside guaranteed for every player.
Distance to resort: 45 km

Geinberger Wald


Europareservat Unterer Inn

On the trail of the ancient Romans

Many roads lead to Rome, and one of them even takes guests on a wonderful cycle tour of the Innviertel region.
Length: 32,4 km

River Inn cycle path

The Innviertel cycle route offers up magnificent views of the region’s breath-taking river landscapes. The cycle path takes cyclists from the source of the River Inn, up at the Malojapass in the Swiss Engadin valley, through Bavaria and Upper Austria, to the point at which the Inn joins the Danube in the town of Passau. Part of the final section of the cycle path from Braunau to Passau is just a stone’s-throw from your Geinberg5 Private SPA Villa.
Length: 63,6 km

Antiesen cycle path

The family-friendly Antiesen cycle path begins near Reichersberg on the River Inn cycle route. The Augustinian choir monastery with its own wine shop and magnificent baroque gardens offer a great excuse to relax, enjoy some great food and drink, and delay the tour start for a couple of hours. The colourful and varied ride is a great way of exploring the unique scenery of the Innviertel region
Length: 42,6 km
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KTM Kobernaußerwald Mountain Bike Arena

The KTM Kobernaußerwald Mountain Bike Arena encompasses 80 km of uniformly signposted mountain bike routes. The 55.5-km one-way circuit network of signposted routes involves a total altitude change of 1400 metres – from Kobernaußerwald and the towns of Maria Schmolln, Höhnhart, St. Johann am Walde and Treubach. Those seeking a shorter, easier ride simply take the marked short-cuts.
Length: 56 km

Thermen Runde

Schlanke Linie Runde


Lagerhaus Runde

Raschhofer brewery

Immerse yourself in the history of beer and the craft of brewing. The brewery lift takes you up to the brewery balcony with a view of the surrounding area. On the malt floor you can not only feel the malt and hops, but also enjoy a special kind of film experience. Find out what makes the copper brewhouse so special. A not entirely everyday brewery history, the expert beer tasting in the beer house, the draft diploma or beer seminars - you can discover all of this at the Raschhofer brewery in nearby Altheim. An experience for all the senses.

Daringer Art Museum

Visit the DARINGER art museum in Aspach! Calm, peace and relaxation can be found in the treasures of art, just as in nature.

Reichersberg Abbey

Reichersberg Abbey sits majestically above the river Inn. Arcaded walkways and onion-domed turrets border the baroque building, built around two courtyards. It is owned by the Augustine canons, who have lived and worked here for over 900 years. In addition to their pastoral work, they also devote a lot of time to cultural activities.

Obernberg falconry

In the Adlerwarte Obernberg falconry, a wide variety of birds of prey such as eagles, vultures, kites and falcons provide spectacular flight maneuvers. Of course, you will also be guided through the demonstration on the new system with extensive moderation.
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Racing bike tour of the Innviertel region

The racing bicycle is the fastest muscle-powered means of transport available, but it’s not purely for speeding down steep hills at over 80 km/h. It also allows the rider to enjoy the scenery at a perfect tempo, particularly on uphill stretches.
Length: 90,8 km

Golf Club Salzburg Gut Kaltenhausen

The Golf Club Salzburg Gut Kaltenhausen presents itself as an 18 + 6 hole course, far away from the noise of the settlement and traffic on an area of ​​over 50 hectares in Upper Austria and offers everything a golfer's heart desires. As a Geinberg⁵ guest you will receive a 20% green fee discount!
Distance to resort: 29 km