Barrier-free luxury

Your stay with us

Guests with specific requirements or mobility limitations enjoy a particularly comfortable and convenient stay with the benefits of barrier-free access at Geinberg5:

On arrival there’s a covered entrance area. The reception area, access to the lobby bar, the restaurant and the Private Spa Suites are all accessible to wheelchairs without any barriers. 

There is wheel-in access to a floor-level shower equipped with hand-grips and a height-adjustable washbasin. The toilet seat is mounted at a height of 46 cm. The spacious sauna and steam bath allow wheelchair users plenty of room to manoeuvre. There is also a second bedroom, should it be required.

The generously-proportioned villa and patio deck with a constantly aerated thermal water hot tub can also be accessed without borders. The pier leading out onto the private swimming pond features a step easily navigated by a ramp. There’s a lift into the pond, if required.

All our guests appreciate the benefits of the Private Butler and the comprehensive, round-the-clock services that guarantee a wonderfully relaxing spa break. On request, your butler can park your car, take your luggage straight to the suite, and chauffer you to the restaurant or the exclusive Private Spa. Take advantage of our first-class room service to enjoy a relaxed holiday in the comfort of your suite. Savour a 6-course meal in the living room, dining area or out on the patio of your suite as you gaze across the natural bathing pond.

Luxury is a holiday without restrictions.

If you require a suite with barrier-free access, please let us know when you book. 

Do you have any other questions? Please call us on +43-7723 8501 5555 or e-mail us at to discuss your individual requirements.



Foyer & reception

The door to the foyer opens automatically and access to the reception area is completely barrier-free. 

The driveway and main entrance are both covered. 

The wooden floor in the foyer is wheelchair-friendly and the seating has comfortable, attractive and practical arm rests.

Suites and villas

Fixtures and fittings in your suite 

The villas are comfortably and conveniently accessed by a smooth and seamless tarmac path, providing an attractive colour contrast between the lawn and the pathway to the suite, and leading to the covered entrance area. 

The villas are fitted with real wood floors and a seamless doorsill provides smooth access to the patio.

Bathroom and spa area in the villa

Unsurpassed comfort and convenience

There are non-slip floor tiles in the bathroom and smooth floor-level access to a shower with a showering seat and stability rails; plus a barrier-free toilet at a seated height of 46 cm with a hand grip and a retractable body rest.

The washbasin is fitted to allow wheelchairs to access the space beneath. The hairdryer is within easy reach and the mirror goes all the way down to the upper edge of the washbasin table.

The sauna and steam bath guarantee wheelchair accessibility, and there is a practical, hand-height support rail in the steam bath.

Both the steps to the bathing pond – straddled by two handrails, and the steps to the natural bathing pond – are colour-coded for easy identification.

There is a mobile lift available for easy access to the private aerated hot tub and the natural bathing pond. 

Complete relaxation – no borders.


Private Spa

Barrier-free recreation 

Access to the Private Spa is via a lift, and the indoor and outdoor pools of the Private Spa are accessible with a mobile lift.

Private Butler Service

Park service, Transfer within the Resort, Transfer-Service 

Oriental World & Private Spa

For entrace to Oriental World, Spa bar and Private Spa a lift is available. 

Geinberg5 Restaurant

Geinberg5 restaurant is perfectly designed for a barrier-free culinary experience.

Geinberg5 restaurant

Barrier-free enjoyment

160 m of rollable flooring from the villas to the restaurant. The entrance to the restaurant has no thresholds, inside the Geinberg5 restaurant there are wooden and stone floors.

The tables are wheelchair accessible and the chairs have armrests.

The toilet in the restaurant can be reached at ground level and has handles on both sides with a seat height of 46 cm.